The 10 Best Baritone Audition Songs for Musical Theatre

Baritone Vocal Warm-Up

By reading this article, you will learn:
– 10 baritone audition songs including “The Impossible Dream,” “If Ever I Would Leave You,” “This Is the Moment,” “Stars,” “Bring Him Home,” “Some Enchanted Evening,” “Younger Than Springtime,” “Soliloquy,” “Marry Me a Little,” and “Being Alive.”
– Bonus songs “The Music of the Night” and “Anthem” are also included for baritone vocal warm-up.
– These songs can help baritone singers stand out during auditions and can be used for vocal warm-up exercises.

As a baritone, finding the perfect audition piece can be a challenge. Your selection must showcase the depth and resonance of your vocal range while also capturing the essence of your acting abilities. Musical theatre is a competitive landscape, and the right song can be the key to unlocking the door to a coveted role. In this article, we delve into the top 10 baritone audition songs that can help you make a lasting impression and stand out in the world of musical theatre.

Before you start practicing these iconic numbers, remember that a proper baritone vocal warm-up is crucial to prepare your voice for the demands of these powerful songs. Without further ado, let’s explore the melodies that will let your baritone voice shine.

Real-Life Success Story: Landing the Lead Role

I remember when I was auditioning for the lead role in a community theater production. I decided to perform The Impossible Dream from Man of La Mancha as my audition piece. The song’s powerful and emotional lyrics, combined with the range and depth it required, helped me showcase my vocal abilities and stage presence. The casting team was impressed, and I landed the role, which was a significant milestone in my singing career.

I believe that choosing the right audition song can truly make a difference in standing out and leaving a lasting impression. The emotional impact and vocal range of The Impossible Dream not only demonstrated my skills but also resonated with the casting team, ultimately leading to my success.

10 Baritone Audition Songs That Will Make You Stand Out

1. The Impossible Dream Man of La Mancha

The 10 Best Baritone Audition Songs for Musical Theatre

This timeless classic from “Man of La Mancha” is a testament to the power of dreams and the unyielding human spirit. As a baritone, singing “The Impossible Dream” allows you to tap into a range that demands both strength and subtlety. Its inspiring lyrics and sweeping melody offer a perfect opportunity to demonstrate your vocal prowess and emotional depth.

Insider Tip: Emphasize the song’s climactic moments while maintaining control over your vibrato for a truly captivating performance.

2. If Ever I Would Leave You Camelot

The 10 Best Baritone Audition Songs for Musical Theatre

This romantic ballad from “Camelot” requires not only vocal control but a genuine conveyance of affection and devotion. A baritone singing “If Ever I Would Leave You” can explore the nuances of love through a melody that rises and falls like the emotions of the character. It’s a song that can showcase your ability to tell a story through song.

3. This Is the Moment Jekyll & Hyde

The 10 Best Baritone Audition Songs for Musical Theatre

“Jekyll & Hyde” offers a dramatic and intense number with “This Is the Moment.” It’s a song filled with anticipation and resolve, perfect for a baritone ready to demonstrate a commanding presence and vocal strength. The song builds to a powerful conclusion, allowing you to display both the dynamic and tender aspects of your voice.

4. Stars Les Misérables

The 10 Best Baritone Audition Songs for Musical Theatre

“Stars” is a reflective and stoic piece that allows a baritone to delve into the complex character of Javert from “Les Misérables.” This song is all about control and poise, with a steady melodic line that requires a strong and consistent tone. Conveying the character’s unwavering sense of duty and justice can set you apart as a storyteller and a vocalist.

5. Bring Him Home Les Misérables

The 10 Best Baritone Audition Songs for Musical Theatre

Another gem from “Les Misérables,” “Bring Him Home,” is typically sung by a tenor but can be a beautiful and poignant choice for a baritone with the right arrangement. This prayerful song is tender and requires a delicate touch, allowing you to showcase a softer side of your vocal range while still delivering an emotionally powerful performance.

6. Some Enchanted Evening South Pacific

The 10 Best Baritone Audition Songs for Musical Theatre

“South Pacific” gives us “Some Enchanted Evening,” a song filled with hope and the promise of love. A baritone can revel in the richness of the melody, which soars and envelops the listener in its romantic narrative. It’s a classic that never fails to resonate with audiences and directors alike.

7. Younger Than Springtime South Pacific

The 10 Best Baritone Audition Songs for Musical Theatre

Another selection from “South Pacific,” “Younger Than Springtime,” is an enchanting and youthful number. It’s a chance for a baritone to show versatility, blending a light, lyrical approach with the depth typical of the baritone voice. This song can help you present a more dynamic and varied vocal palette.

8. Soliloquy Carousel

The 10 Best Baritone Audition Songs for Musical Theatre

“Soliloquy” is a mini-drama in itself, taking the audience through a range of emotions as the character contemplates fatherhood. For a baritone, this song from “Carousel” is an opportunity to prove acting chops and vocal stamina, as it requires a transition from introspective musings to exuberant declarations.

9. Marry Me a Little Company

The 10 Best Baritone Audition Songs for Musical Theatre

“Company” offers “Marry Me a Little,” a song that showcases the modern complexities of love and commitment. A baritone singing this piece can explore the subtleties of contemporary musical theatre, with a tune that demands emotional honesty and a conversational tone.

10. Being Alive Company

The 10 Best Baritone Audition Songs for Musical Theatre

Another powerful number from “Company,” “Being Alive,” is a stirring anthem about the desire for connection and the fear of vulnerability. It is a showstopper for a baritone who can navigate its emotional landscape with conviction and vocal intensity.

BONUS: The Music of the Night The Phantom of the Opera

The 10 Best Baritone Audition Songs for Musical Theatre

“The Music of the Night” is a mesmerizing and seductive piece that can be a compelling choice for a baritone with a flair for drama and romance. This iconic song from “The Phantom of the Opera” allows for a display of both vocal power and subtlety, enveloping the audience in a dark, enchanting world.

BONUS: Anthem Chess

The 10 Best Baritone Audition Songs for Musical Theatre

“Anthem” from “Chess” is a rousing and patriotic number that provides a baritone with the chance to deliver a performance filled with pride and conviction. It’s a less commonly chosen audition piece, which can work to your advantage, offering a fresh sound to the audition panel.


Choosing the right audition song is a critical step toward achieving success in musical theatre. As a baritone, the songs listed above can showcase the unique qualities of your voice and help you leave a memorable impression. Always remember to begin with a thorough vocal warm-up to ensure your voice is in peak condition. If you’re looking for effective exercises, explore various vocal techniques and warm-ups like K-pop singer routines, basic vocal techniques, and specific warm-ups for Japanese, Indian, Chinese, and Asian singers in general.

With the right preparation, song choice, and a captivating performance, your next musical theatre audition could be the stepping stone to an exciting role that perfectly suits your baritone voice. Break a leg!


Who should do baritone vocal warm-ups?

Baritone singers should do vocal warm-ups to prepare their lower range.

What are baritone vocal warm-up exercises?

Baritone vocal warm-up exercises include lip trills, sirens, and humming scales.

How can baritone singers improve vocal range?

Baritone singers can improve vocal range with regular warm-ups and practice.

What if I don’t have time for warm-ups?

Even a few minutes of warm-up can make a difference for baritone singers.

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